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What we do...

A business advisory and investment firm focused on helping early-stage, B2B and B2C start-ups in the lifestyle and technology markets, we work with companies based both in the U.S. and internationally.

Why We are Different...

We take a more holistic and personal approach to working with our investment companies – as opposed to focusing only on the bottom line. As anyone who has started a business knows, there are endless decisions to make and at times it may seem overwhelming. We are there not only to provide capital, but to also serve as a sounding board or coach, developing strategies and providing direction to enable continued growth.  

Machem Mentoring Program....

 In addition, through our Machem Mentoring Program, we donate a portion of our time and resources to mentor entrepreneurs in the infancy stages of starting a business who find they need real-world advice. We feel it is important to set aside time to give back, fostering an ecosystem for the benefit of our collective community that will allow startups and early-stage organizations to not only grow, but thrive. 


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